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Now offering office laser treatment for snoring, mild sleep apnea, tonsil stones and nasal obstruction.

A revolutionary laser, Epic, permits Howard Levine, MD to perform office-based treatments with minimal discomfort under local anesthesia for several common ENT problems like snoring, mild sleep apnea, tonsil stones and nasal obstruction.

Noraml vs long uvula

Snoring may be caused by a large uvula (the baggy structure hanging from the roof of the mouth) or an excessively long floppy soft palate. The solution may be as simple as reshaping the soft palate using the Epic laser energy to stiffen it or shrink the uvula. The Epic laser can do both under local anesthesia in a short office treatment.


Nasal obstruction can occur from a deviated nasal septum (wall separating the two sides of the nose) or large nasal turbinates (nasal structures that swell and cause congestion). If the nose is blocked causing mouth breathing and the palate and/or uvula to vibrate, snoring can occur. This can be relieved with office Epic laser treatments to reduce the nasal turbinates and correct small areas of a nasal septal deviation.

Tonsillolith (tonsil stones) can cause repeated sore throats and bad breath. These appear as solid or semisoft masses in the tonsil at the back of the throat. The stones can be removed and prevented with the Epic office laser treatments.

If you have any of these problems and desire relief, contact Dr. Howard Levine 440-684-9980 for an appointment.

Learn About Howard L. Levine MD

Dr. Howard LevineHoward L. Levine MD is one of the pioneers in the development of advanced nasal endoscopic diagnostic techniques, functional endoscopic sinus surgery and advanced applications of radiofrequency energy for nasal and sinus disease. Listed in The Best Doctors in America and Top Doctors in Cleveland, Dr. Levine is world-renowned as an expert in nasal and sinus disorders. Dr. Levine, is a past national president of the American Rhinologic Society (ARS), the world’s largest organization in nasal and sinus disorders.


Advanced Treatments

Sinus Advanced TreatmentsThe cornerstone of Cleveland Nasal Sinus & Sleep Center is our connection to the “latest and greatest” technology that provides to our patients the best outcomes with the least trauma. Howard L. Levine MD is and has been a consultant and primary investigator for several ear, nose and throat medical device companies.


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Nose News

Cleveland Nasal Sinus & Sleep Center has a new location!

Hillcrest Medical Building Atrium
6770 Mayfield Road, Suite 425
Cleveland, Ohio 44124.
Telephone: 440-684-9980.

Telephone: 800-24-SINUS.

Fax: 440-449-9279.

This new facility within the Hillcrest Medical Building Atrium, has adjacent free parking, valet parking, access from a major interstate highway, affordable accessible hotels and motels and nearby shopping centers