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Nasal Endoscopy

In The Office

Nasal endoscopy uses a thin telescope to give a magnified view inside the sinuses. Like a wide-angle lens of a camera, the endoscope provides a wider and clearer view of the nasal passages.

Using a high definition camera system to transmit the endoscopic images, the most accurate diagnosis and treatment is possible. Office nasal endoscopy is a painless procedure.

Nasal endoscopy is used in the physician's office to examine and help to determine the exact cause of nasal and sinus problems.

Nasal endoscopy is used in the office when performing nasal and sinus office surgical procedures.

In The Operating Room

Nasal endoscopy can also be used in the operating room where the brightly illuminated and magnified view of the inside of the nose and sinuses permits a most thorough and delicate removal of any sinus disease.

Nasal Endoscopy in the operating room known as Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (ESS).


A deviated nasal septum (the wall separating the two sides of the nose) can block the nose, cause congestion and obstruction and lead to nasal and sinus infections and headaches.

Normal sinus drainage and the turbinates. The turbinates of the nose normally shrink and enlarge helping to warm and humidify the air we breathe.

When the turbinates are large they can cause nasal blockage. This can block the areas where the sinuses drain and cause sinus infections, facial pain and pressure.

Sometimes nasal and sinus polyps will grow. They are not cancerous. They are caused by infection and/or inflammation. The polyps block the nose and cause further infection, pain, and pressure. The polyps can block the nerves of smell and there can be loss of sense of taste and smell.

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (ESS) is a surgical procedure that allows careful removal of diseased tissues while preserving sinus structure and function. Ess permits the return to more normal breathing and reduces the frequency and severity of nasal and sinus disorders.

Using a thin telescope in conjunction with other delicate surgical instruments and technologies (radiofrequency like Coblation™ and Balloon Sinuplasty™), ESS is the most modern technique for restoring breathing and eliminating the troublesome, bothersome nasal symptoms of sinusitis.

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Instructions

Learn About Howard L. Levine MD

Dr. Howard LevineHoward L. Levine MD is one of the pioneers in the development of advanced nasal endoscopic diagnostic techniques, functional endoscopic sinus surgery and advanced applications of radiofrequency energy for nasal and sinus disease. Listed in The Best Doctors in America and Top Doctors in Cleveland, Dr. Levine is world-renowned as an expert in nasal and sinus disorders. Dr. Levine, is a past national president of the American Rhinologic Society (ARS), the world’s largest organization in nasal and sinus disorders.


Advanced Treatments

Sinus Advanced TreatmentsThe cornerstone of Cleveland Nasal Sinus & Sleep Center is our connection to the “latest and greatest” technology that provides to our patients the best outcomes with the least trauma. Howard L. Levine MD is and has been a consultant and primary investigator for several ear, nose and throat medical device companies.


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Nose News

Cleveland Nasal Sinus & Sleep Center has a new location!

Hillcrest Medical Building Atrium
6770 Mayfield Road, Suite 425
Cleveland, Ohio 44124.
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This new facility within the Hillcrest Medical Building Atrium, has adjacent free parking, valet parking, access from a major interstate highway, affordable accessible hotels and motels and nearby shopping centers