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What is Otolaryngology?

Otolaryngology is the study and treatment of diseases of the ear, nose and throat.

What is an Otolaryngologist?

(oh'-tow-lar-in-gol'-o-gist)  An Otolaryngologist is:

A physician and surgeon specialist with extensive training in diseases of the ear, nose, throat and other structures of the head and neck who treats adults and children; a surgical specialist performing facial cosmetic and head and neck reconstructive surgery. Highly trained in both medical management and microscopic and laser surgery of ear, nose and throat problems. 

An expert in a large range of illnesses from minor ear infections to nasal and sinus diseases to throat and voice disorders to complicated head and neck tumors.

A board certified otolaryngologist must have at least five years of specialized training following medical school.

Otolaryngologists are able to help patients in many ways including the use of advanced technology. Diagnosis can be made through use of microscopic and endoscopic examination, auditory and voice testing, and computerized balance evaluation.

Management of otolaryngologic problems has made tremendous strides especially with use of laser, endoscope, and microsurgery and the efficiency and miniaturization of hearing aids.

Otolaryngologists constantly seek to educate the public regarding life-style habits that are injurious to the ear, nose, throat, head and neck. Otolaryngologists out against smokeless tobacco, which leads to cancer of the mouth and throat; noisy work environments and loud music which lead to hearing impairment; and cigarette smoking which causes throat as well as lung cancer and poses special health hazards to children.

What is a rhinologist?


A rhinologist is a person specializing in disease of the nose and sinuses. A rhinologist may take care of allergy problems and treat nasal and sinus problems with medicine and/or surgery. Rhinologist has special training in ear, nose and throat and are otolaryngologists.
Rhinologists will be a member of the American Rhinologic Society (ARS) which is an education, research and patient advocacy society for physicians specializing in nose and sinus disorders.


Learn About Howard L. Levine MD

Dr. Howard LevineHoward L. Levine MD is one of the pioneers in the development of advanced nasal endoscopic diagnostic techniques, functional endoscopic sinus surgery and advanced applications of radiofrequency energy for nasal and sinus disease. Listed in The Best Doctors in America and Top Doctors in Cleveland, Dr. Levine is world-renowned as an expert in nasal and sinus disorders. Dr. Levine, is a past national president of the American Rhinologic Society (ARS), the world’s largest organization in nasal and sinus disorders.


Advanced Treatments

Sinus Advanced TreatmentsThe cornerstone of Cleveland Nasal Sinus & Sleep Center is our connection to the “latest and greatest” technology that provides to our patients the best outcomes with the least trauma. Howard L. Levine MD is and has been a consultant and primary investigator for several ear, nose and throat medical device companies.


Nose News is Good News®!

Nose News

Cleveland Nasal Sinus & Sleep Center has a new location!

Hillcrest Medical Building Atrium
6770 Mayfield Road, Suite 425
Cleveland, Ohio 44124.
Telephone: 440-684-9980.

Telephone: 800-24-SINUS.

Fax: 440-449-9279.

This new facility within the Hillcrest Medical Building Atrium, has adjacent free parking, valet parking, access from a major interstate highway, affordable accessible hotels and motels and nearby shopping centers